A set design and installation for a creepy circus. The clown funhouse style doorway I designed and built, was carved out of layers of insulation foam core, cut canvas teeth, streamers, and expanding foam for the hair. The eyes also had lights installed in them and I utilized cutting a coke bottle down the center to help create the dome of the eyes. A balloon was the final touch for its nose. Photos by Carl Louis-Jacques.
The main big top was made out of 12 plastic table cloths and a metal ring from a lampshade to cover the entire ceiling as well as globe lights strung throughout along with vintage circus posters all over the walls.
I also built an entire ticket booth entirely out of repurposed wood and cut bamboo to create the bars of the ticket booth. I purposely chose the specific bamboo joints and painted it white to mimic the look of bones. There was hand lettering on the base ticket booth that was hand painted to say enter if you dare. Next to it was an ottoman that was spray painted to look like a ringmasters stool.

Set Dressing and decorating that I found and arranged for the table.

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