This was a passion project, I love throwing murder mystery parties every year for halloween and each are themed. All the sets were installed in a NYC apartment where the event took place.
I created an entire facade of a swamp shack complete with a bayou tree covered with spanish moss. The shack is entirely made out of individually cut and paneled cardboard. The cardboard was given a faux wood finish visibly showing the wood grain. The tree was created out of two cement mold tubes and covered in plaster.
Bats and swamp moss hang from the branches of the tree.
Some dogstails are placed at the base of the tree along with swamp lights and moss.

Some set dressing and set decorating.

Glass domes and jars were filled with moss, skulls, and rats to create little scenes.
Jars were altered with mod lodge, moss, paint, and twine to create swamp lights
Bone mobiles crafted out of mini corked vials, bones, and branches hung around the shack

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